It is crazy it has been over three years doing The Fire Protection Podcast. What had been a wild idea turned into something valuable and full of idea-sharing for fire and life safety. Thanks for all of the support over the years!

Episode 40 is with Michael Joanis of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, one of the best associations in our fire protection industry. For over 100 years, they have been protecting the public with advocacy for proper fire sprinkler protection. Michael is the Director of Contractor Services at the NFSA and comes from a long career in fire protection going back to his days at the University of Maryland.

This month the NFSA is launching a rebranding of its Layout Technician course for NFSA. Over the years, their training and certifications have kept the fire sprinkler industry stacked with trained professionals that utilize the codes and standards to keep the public safer. Mike and I get into various topics, including his background, NFSA’s new training programs, NFPA 13 and its intricacies, & fire sprinkler advocacy of the NFSA.
Thanks again to Mike and the NFSA for coming on the podcast!

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0:01 – Intro & Inspect Point Deal
2:48 – Mike’s Introduction
4:30 –  Mike & Covenant Fire Protection
6:17 –  Mike’s Role with NFSA
7:32  – Layout Technician Class Updates
12:20 – Ponchos Class / History
14:46 – Benefits of the Virtual Class
18:20 – Class Pacing / Knowledge Retention
22:40 – Registration Opening
26:24 – New Software and New Textbook
30:07 – Other NFSA Initiatives 
33:20 – NFPA 13 & The Reach of NFSA 
38:04 – Wildest System Mike Has Created
41:32 – Mike’s Time in New England
44:44 – Closing Thoughts



Mike Joanis
Drew Slocum