The healthcare industry is growing at a tremendous rate:

Industry experts say that the spending on healthcare will double by 2040. As many of you already know, healthcare is one of the most stable sectors of the economy and in fire protection.
Fire protection and life safety within the healthcare industry have complicated dynamics. There are a variety of stakeholders, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and fire protection professionals involved in keeping healthcare buildings, patients, and workers within those structures safe.

Joshua Brackett, PE, SASHE, CHFM, is one of the ultimate “Fire Geeks” within the fire protection industry. He is a prolific speaker and a seasoned fire protection engineer and facility director.

Chris Ribando is the Vice President of Approved Fire Prevention (NY), a fire protection contractor, and the President of the NY Fire Sprinkler Contractor’s Association. He gives a great perspective on managing the contractor or 3rd party service provider work at healthcare facilities.