Make Real-Time Updates Part of Your Fire Protection Business

The inspection of fire safety equipment is a matter of great importance. Doing a solid job is the difference between clients who are happy and healthy, and clients who can find themselves without a home or business, or worse. According to research conducted by the National Fire Protection Agency, the number of fires that resulted in bodily harm to residents, “…was 81% lower in homes with [sprinkler systems] than in homes with no AES”.

Doing a great job in the field of fire protection and maintenance means always knowing where your technicians are and what their availability is. It’s about knowing what inspections need to be completed and when. And ultimately being able to relay this information reliably between people in the field and people in our offices.

Do you know where your fire inspectors and fire maintenance technicians are right now?

However diligent your employees are, the opportunity for miscommunication is always present. Thankfully, we, Inspect Point, are here with the software to help keep your fire inspection business running smoothly, and eliminating those opportunities for miscommunication.

Keep all of the information you need in one convenient place, using Inspect Point’s software, so you can eliminate the guesswork and start working as efficiently as possible! 


Manage in Real-Time with Ease Using Inspect Point

Inspect Point’s user-friendly software is available for your computers in the office, and for your technician’s iPads in the field. Inspect Point is a cloud-based software, meaning that there is no need to download anything to your computer in the office, and you can access your data on Inspect Point from any web browser. Even better, Inspect Point’s mobile app does not require a wifi connection, meaning your workers have access to everything they need to generate reports, take signatures and get the ball moving before they even leave the inspection site, no matter where they are. 

real-time updates make every business stronger

Inspect Point is very easy to use, but to make it even easier, you can check out our Youtube channel where you will find step by step instructions on how to use the computer application as well as how to navigate and operate the mobile application.

With Inspect Point, you have the ability to keep track of the small moving parts of your business so that you can make sure everything is flowing as efficiently as possible.


Seeing the Big Picture with Real-Time Updates 

We can’t have our eyes on everything at all times, but our fire inspection software brings you one step closer to being able to do so. With Inspect Point’s easy-to-use interface you can simply look at the back office portion of Inspect Point on your computer and see all of the individual pieces of your business in real-time. Easily manage all of the different facets of your fire protection company by being able to see your workers, your clients, and your projects as they’re being completed.

Locate where your workers are currently and where they need to be (even months in advance) with the state of the art technology our software provides. You can set recurring inspection dates easily for your regular customers, and don’t sweat it if you have a new client that needs some immediate service!

real-time updates allow you to plan your fire inspections in advance

Inspect Point’s software lets you see any gaps in your technicians’ schedules so that you can dispatch them efficiently. No need to worry about anyone missing an important fire inspection because, with Inspect Point, you always know where your workers are… and they always know where they need to be.

Our software also gives you a bird’s eye view of your company through an easy-to-use program, on a device you are already familiar with. How much simpler could it be? Especially with Inspect Point’s help desk that can take you through every step of using the software in the office, and in the field.


Real-Time Communication in the Field

Your field technicians can use Inspect Point’s mobile app to update their progress on a fire inspection and this also allows them to generate reports instantaneously. Fire inspection technicians go through a checklist on their mobile app, completing a step-by-step process so no stone is left unturned. They can even use their iPads to take pictures and send them via the app!

In addition to this, technicians can also use Inspect Point to generate proposals and collect approval signatures on the spot from your clients. The report can be sent back to the office so it can be processed immediately. Team members in the office can begin ordering parts and dispatching technicians without having to wait, cutting back on downtime, increasing productivity, and improving your bottom line, putting more money in your wallet.

real-time updates help fire inspection technicians collect signatures for work in the field

From the backend module on your computer in the office, you will be able to see these inspection reports as they are being completed. You will have access to reports that are in the process of being completed, reports that have already been completed, and ones to be completed in the future. Using the Calendar tab on the app, you will be able to see what inspections will take place on any given day. You will also be able to see which technician will be going to perform the fire inspection and how often the inspections will recur. You can also view which inspections have urgent deficiencies that need to be attended to more quickly.

fire inspection software on an iPad is the way to bring your fire protection business into the future

All of these features and so many more are all available through our software, so what are you waiting for?


Project Management in a Web-Based World

Technology has changed our lives in so many ways. One of the most profound changes is in the way we communicate with one another, and how quickly we can do it. Face to face meetings, for better or for worse, has become less essential in their ability to relay information, and communication has become accessible from virtually anywhere.

real-time updates through fire inspection software keep your teams connected and your business performing

Your ability to manage your fire protection business is no longer limited by time and space. With Inspect Point, you can easily manage all of the minute facets of your company from your office computer, and because the software is a cloud-based app, you can even access it from your home computer.

So take advantage of this fire inspection software that will make your company more efficient. Take away some of the stress of running your business by using Inspect Point’s revolutionary web and mobile apps.