Starting a new special hazards division within your company can provide additional opportunities for growing your business, offering a more complete package for your customers. Todd Stevens, of J.C. Cannistraro, LLC, discusses the fire alarm piece, room integrity testing, and newer technologies.

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Learn what Special Hazards includes, the different applications, and the unique fire suppression systems. This presentation provides a big picture idea of the special hazard industry and all that it has to offer.

Agenda (2:42)
Starting a Special Hazard Division (6:36)
Building a Business Plan (9:50)
Importance of Partnerships & Vendors (13:38)
Being the Expert in the Special Hazards Market (17:41)
How to Get Involved in Your Market (20:34)
Why use Special Hazards? (21:20)
What is Special Hazards? (24:13)
Where are Special Hazards Used? (29:44)
When do we plan to use Special Hazards? (32:30)
Sales Approaches to Selling Special Hazards (34:42)
Inspection, Testing & Maintenance – What you need to know (40:46)
Unique Technologies: Foam Proportioners (44:29)
Unique Technologies: Higher Pressure Systems (46:36)
Unique Technologies: Multi-zone Selector Valve Systems (48:24)
Unique Technologies: Small Space Protection (SSP) (48:47)
Unique Technologies: In Cabinet Protection (51:24)
Question & Answer (52:49)

About the Presenter

Todd Stevens CFPS, SET
FP Special Hazards Project Manager
J.C. Cannistraro, LLC
Tel: 617-686-8849

About J.C. Cannistraro
As Boston’s largest mechanical construction company, J.C. Cannistraro is the premier partner for all of your HVAC service, plumbing, and fire protection system needs. Our in-house fabrication capabilities set us apart in the industry while our 24-hour emergency repairs guarantee our service technicians are here when you need us most.

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