John Demeter, President of WESCO, joins The Fire Protection Podcast to discuss the AIM Act and the phase-out of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) in 2022 and beyond. Discussions around the allocation of clean agents and what industry gets these were brought to light.
One of the hot topics in the industry right now is the phase-out of various chemicals in fire protection systems, specifically clean agents. There will be a follow-up podcast soon on another fire suppression agent with fire fighting foam containing PFOS & PFOA.

Towards the end of the podcast, lithium-ion battery fires were also discussed because there have been instances where clean agents protect these high hazard fires.


Intro (:01)
Coming Up in 2022 (1:32)
CONTEST: Inspect Point’s Ugly Sweaters & Ugly Deficiencies (1:40)
Hello John and Drew Sets This Episode’s Agenda (2:11)
Meet WESCO (3:50)
Born & Raised in Fire Protection (6:57)
Family Portable Fire Extinguisher Biz Sold to Kidde (7:25)
From a Parts Business to an Importing and Recycling Company (8:19)
President of the FSSA & Involved in NAFED (9:32)
Did Todd Stevens Cause COVID? (10:40)
What is AIM, What Are Clean Agents, and Where Are They Used? (11:56)
Halon 1301 is a Depleting Ozone Agent (13:00)
Treaty Banning Production of Ozone Depleting Agents (13:29)
Recycled Halon (14:20)
Replacing Halon (15:04)
3M & NOVEC (5:31)
Some Agents Aren’t Ozone Depleting But Add to Climate Change (16:31)
Phasing Out HFCs (17:00)
American Innovation in Manufacturing and Competitiveness Act (AMAC) (17:32)
A Phasing Down (18:00)
There’s Always Sand & Water (18:34)
NOVEC vs. FM200 (18:49)
Dupont Says… (19:03)
AIM Is the Law (19:36)
An 85% Decrease of HFCs Over 15 Years (20:23)
HFC Allocation (21:24)
Allocations Are Based on Global Warming Index (22:07)
Fire Suppression Agents Have Some of the Highest Global Warming Percentages (23:17)
Hard For Manufacturers to Know Cost and Availability of HFCs (25:08)
Recent Manufacturer Announcements: December 2021! (25:45)
Sustainability For HFCs is a Huge Issue (27:00)
If HFC System Goes Off, It Is Reportable (29:05)
HFC is in Hospice (31:00)
The Halon Country Club (32:02)
Industries Have Their Allocations (34:00)
Drew Uses Bear Spray? (34:42)
Is the Special Hazard Industry Growing or Shrinking? (37:25)
Hospice Theory (40:15)
HCFC Was Controlled Before HFC Was (40:45)
New Streaming Agent in Aviation (43:56)
BTP in All-New Planes (45:00)
Touching on Foam (45:30)
Lithium-Ion Battery Fires (46:54)
Nothing Puts Them Out: Get People Out & Let It Burn (48:50)
Will You See John or Drew in a Tesla? (49:25)
Quick Response Round (52:25)
Cars: 60s Shelby Cobra or Late 60s Corvette? (52:40)
Friends & Family: To Tesla or Not To Tesla? (53:15)
Craziest Installation: Use or Location (54:25)
Craziest Deficiency – Like Inspect Point’s Contest! (55:40)
Biggest Issues in Our Industry? (56:56)
Promote and Help Tech Schools (59:10)
Lithium-Ion Battery Fires (1:00:26)
Fire Protection Manufacturers and R&D (1:01:15)
Innovation is on the Software Side (1:03:17)
North or South Jersey? (1:03:39)
Where the Parkway Crosses the Turnpike (1:04:10)
John Mackey & the Pizza Battle (1:05:20)
Where Did You Live in NYC? (1:06:43)
Wrap Up (1:07:40)
Drew’s Outro (1:08:20)