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Viking SupplyNet’s extensive portfolio of products at your fingertips.  

Inspect Point & Viking SupplyNet

Inspet Point and together — to support and grow your business.

Viking SupplyNet Pricing

Viking SupplyNet pricing is pre-loaded to ensure accurate material costing.

Add Maximum Efficiency and Results

  • Reduce your inspection process from DAYS to MINUTES with Inspect Point.
  • Supercharge your sales. Customers see an 80% increase with Inspect Point’s mobile proposals.
  • Fire Protection focused with Techs in mind.

Minimize Your Liability

Minimize your liability, while generating faster cash flow.

Fire Inspection A-Z

Every step of the fire protection proceess, integrated into one easy app.


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We run our entire inspection business through Inspect Point. It saves us time, keeps us organized, and helps us land new business. We love Inspect Point!

Paul Winaroski

Estimator Project Manager, Albany Fire Protection

Inspect point has been the most valuable tool in our business. The software is powerful, reliable, easy to use, and is saving us time and money in the field, and in the office. Inspect Point has been essential in our growth, and is well worth the money!

Michael Cole

Vice President, Cole Fire Protection

3,000,000  Fire Inspections and Counting

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