Sustainable Fire Suppression with Peter Hallinan

In this episode, Drew, podcast Host and Inspect Point’s Chief Strategy Officer, talks to Peter Hallinan of SSi Canada to discuss a few SNAP technologies that he had never heard of. One is an Oxygen Reduction system for facilities, lowering the oxygen level below the threat of fire but high enough for humans to breathe. Drew had heard of similar technology in Europe but never in North America. The other technology was an Aerosol fire suppression called Greensol, which has similarities to others on the market, but interesting to see how they are going to market. Aerosol protection schemes are becoming prevalent in fire prevention more and more, so much that Inspect Point recently released its NFPA 2010 module for aerosol suppression.

Peter was also the Executive Director of the CFAA (Canadian Fire Alarm Association) a few years back. The CFAA has provided the Canadian market with advocacy, knowledge, and countless training sessions for all aspects of fire alarm. Report writing and communications have been a big initiative for the CFAA lately. ULC S-536 & S-537 are the backbones for this. Check out this innovative ULC S-536 / 537 workflow.


Episode Notes:

0:41  –  Peter’s Introduction
2:56 –   SSI Background
4:52 –   Greensol & Clean Agent Protection
9:20 –   SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy) / Eco-Friendly
11:05 –  What FirePASS Is
16:47 –  Secondary Systems?
17:44 –  Room Integrity & FirePASS
23:30 – SSI Battery Solution & Lithium-Ion Fires
26:50 – Peter’s Experience as an Executive Director
29:20 – Importance of Standardized Documentation
33:43 – Peter’s Perspective as a Firefighter & Industry Professional
37:22 – Technology Adoption in the Industry
40:15 – Quick Response Round
43:34 – Final Thoughts