For our debut piece in our team spotlight series we focus on our Customer Success team. This two-person team consists of Jennifer Doyle, our Co-Founder / VP of Customer Success, and Brittney Carroll, our Customer Success Specialist. These two ladies tackle every project thrown at them, with a wide range of duties including customer onboarding, to product trainings, to handling daily support tickets, to checking in with current customers to ensure product success, there is rarely a chance to for them to breath – yet somehow, they never skip a beat.

While speaking with Brittney about what Customer Success truly means, she replied with a very insightful answer, a mantra that any worker who provides a service can understand and appreciate – “Our goal as a Customer Success team is to try to make our customers as successful as possible. To me, this means being proactive vs reactive.” To highlight ‘proactive vs reactive’, these are the words that amplify how this team – a cornerstone for Inspect Point – provides success to our clients.

Onboarding with Inspect Point is where Customer Success makes their first touch with a client. This is where the Customer Success team really comes in and lives up to their name, getting new clients well prepared and ready for success through a series of trainings.

Trainings, a cornerstone of the onboarding process, typically consist of three sessions:

  1. The first starting with, in shorthand, general setup. This includes the process for adding buildings and contacts, registering technicians, and setting up inspection schedules.
  2. Following this, the second training is primarily geared towards technicians and the iPad app. Showing users how they will be using Inspect Point in the field to perform inspections.
  3. And lastly, the third training reviews everything that happens once an inspections is completed on the iPad. This includes how to generate reports, send those reports to customers, best practices for system/report maintenance, creating proposals and invoices (if applicable), and answering any last minute questions.

Jennifer, one of our fearless leaders and the trainer extraordinaire, always makes sure any customers coming onto Inspect Point have a solid grip on how to use the software, and most importantly – how to make the software work for them. And now you can expect Brittney bringing the same energy to training’s, recently delivering her first few with very informative sessions. So rest assured, no Inspect Point customer will be left to figure it out on their own.

Trainings are a piece, albeit a large one, but still just a piece of what Customer Success handles. When asked, Brittney outlined her average day as, “A typical day for me is quite busy, and I’m often doing multiple things at once. From answering support phone calls and emails from our customers to creating instructional videos and doing data fixes.”

You see, to achieve continuing success, requires lot of materials and support. That is why you can find a large series of videos and step-by-step guides describing in detail the various features of Inspect Point inside our online Help Desk, which have all been created  by the Customer Success team.

Having difficulty with our product in some way? Have you put in a support ticket? Be aware, the Customer Success team will be responding back to you before you know it – always ready to deliver reasonably timed answers, and a full solution to aid you in your troubles!

Now what if you need your data tweaked, maybe you need to combine some inspections. Yup, Customer Success is there for you too. Ready to tweak data in order for your team to be organized so they can keep up a steady work flow!

The Customer Success team is constantly handling current customers while balancing new ones – in the most graceful and efficient way. Now, after reading this, you should understand why I said they rarely have a chance to breathe. Without this vital team, and the members in it, our company would be in a much different place. They are the spine of the book, and we are all better because of their constant hard work and commitment to creating success for our customers.

So let’s hear it for the ladies who are absolutely killing it everyday!

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