Inspect Point would like to announce our integration with Socket Mobile!  Socket Mobile is an external barcode scanning tool that integrates directly with Inspect Point to assist with the barcode scanning process.  In our integration, you can use a Socket Mobile device to scan the barcodes of fire protection equipment.  This makes it easy to identify which asset you are inspecting and saves you valuable time in the field.

Why would you want to use Socket Mobile as opposed to just using the iPad camera?  Well, there are a few reasons.  First, with our integration, you can scan a piece of equipment from any screen in Inspect Point.  With our current barcode scanner, you have to tap the barcode icon.  Using our new integration, all you have to do is start the inspection and scan and the Inspect Point app will bring you to the screen for the equipment you are inspecting.  The next reason to use a Socket Mobile device is maneuverability.  It can be hard to fit an iPad in some of the tight spaces required for inspection.  Socket Mobile scanners are smaller and easier to move around in cramped places.  Finally, using a Socket Mobile device can help you save battery.  The camera on an iPad can use a lot of battery life, so using a Socket Mobile device to scan your barcodes can make your battery last longer.

We currently support the following Socket Mobile devices:

  • 102806-0002 (for the CHS 7Xi/7Qi/D750 and 7XiRx)
  • 102806-0003 (for the CHS 7Ci, 7Di, 7Pi, 7Mi and S800(8Ci), S850(8Qi))

For more information on how to set up your Socket Mobile device and sync it with Inspect Point, you can watch our webinar here.  If you’d like to have this feature turned on, please contact us at  To learn more about Inspect Point, you can request a demo here.