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Amerex Efficiencies

Amerex’s signature QR code, makes inspection and service 5x times faster within Inspect Point

Amerex Products

Amerex products pre-loaded for quick & easy service or replacements

Amerex Pricing

Amerex distributor pricing pre-loaded for accurate costing and pricing

Assure Each Device is Inspected

Featuring built-in questions, Inspect Point allows technicians to efficiently and effectively capture all necessary assets.

For business owners, they have the assurance the job is being completed properly. As the technician completes his inspection, Inspect Point records not only the time, but the geo location where the inspection took place.

The tasks needed to complete the inspection are centralized. View names, locations, and essential details.

Document Deficiencies.

Provide your client with summary view of deficiencies. Show the number of devices inspected, total passed, and the number that required servicing.

Inspect Point helps you manage maintenance, repairs, and swap outs. Inspect Point keeps track of dates, helps you schedule your next visit, and provides the technician with the ability to collect signatures.

NFPA Compliant Inspection Reports

As your technician completes the prompts, he is just steps away from completing the most comprehensive NFPA 10 inspection report in the industry.

Using the built-in steps, Inspect Point helps organize all the essential information to complete the inspection. Inspect Point organizes asset details, captured photos, notes and applicable deficiencies into a ready-to-view NFPA compliant report.

When you are finished, complete the report. The results will be available in a NFPA-compliant report. You can adjust your report to comply with state and local level questions.


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We run our entire inspection business through Inspect Point. It saves us time, keeps us organized, and helps us land new business. We love Inspect Point!

Paul Winaroski

Estimator Project Manager, Albany Fire Protection

Inspect point has been the most valuable tool in our business. The software is powerful, reliable, easy to use, and is saving us time and money in the field, and in the office. Inspect Point has been essential in our growth, and is well worth the money!

Michael Cole

Vice President, Cole Fire Protection

3,000,000  Fire Inspections and Counting

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