Fire Inspection Reports

The industry’s best reporting tools, created by Inspect Point.

Proven reports that comply with NFPA and AHJ requirements. Export from a mobile device. Send an email to your client. Use the data to strengthen follow up service proposals.

Optimized for Fire Inspections

Reduce the time it takes to create and send inspection reports by 70%

Connect inspection technicians, sales reps and office support staff. Comply to regulations, provide better service, and use reporting data to grow your service business.

Developed to Comply with NFPA and AHJ Requirements

Today’s leading fire inspection companies, large and small use Inspect Point as their preferred fire inspection reporting software of choice.

Featuring the largest library of NFPA questions, follow the prompts: complete the questions, perform required tests, and add documentation as needed. Developed to comply with state and local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), Inspect Point is updated monthly to ensure the industry’s current standards are always up to date!

Send Reports from Your Mobile Device

When your ready, we’re ready. From your iPhone or iPad you can email the customer a PDF report, gather signatures, and collect payment.

Any deficiencies uncovered in the report are documented with photos, notes and performance test results included.

Customers can use these reports to comply with AHJs, insurance providers, and more. Inspection companies can use reporting data to strengthen follow up service proposals, attaching inspection results to subsequent work orders to help service technicians.

From your iPhone or iPad you can email the customer a PDF report, gather signatures, and collect payment.

Strengthen Sales. Turn Deficiencies into Proposals.

All data about a report is saved to the client’s master record within Inspect Point. Sales reps can use this data to build stronger sales proposals.

Turning reports into proposals. Using Inspect Point’s Proposal Wizard, sales reps the ability to send proposals directly to customers for review and approval. The result, faster proposals and faster approvals.

Did You Know?

Inspect Point customers who send proposals within 24 hours of an inspection see an 80% increase in proposal acceptance rate.

Linking the actionable items in an inspection report to a proposal allows sales and the client to better see what deficiencies were uncovered, including photos, test results and documentation notes.

Better Inspection Reports. Better Data.

Generate reports on your mobile device. Available to print, download and save. Send reports directly to client contacts via email.

Removing the paperwork and time it takes to process reports, opens the door to more opportunities

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  • How to quickly get an invoice out the door
  • How to quickly get a proposal out the door
  • Getting proposals approved electronically
  • Converting accepted proposal to work orders
  • Reviewing analytics to refine processes

Data for Growth

Introducing Reporting Dashboards

From generating inspection reports to understanding how to use data to grow a more profitable business, Inspect Point leads the industry.

Track inspections completed, review inspections by status, and monitor revenue growth.

View Pipeline by Status

Monitor pipeline heath and timing.

Examine Individual Sales Pipeline by Rep

Understand the revenue funnel and find coaching opportunities for sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Inspect Point?
You can access Inspect Point from a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Typically, most technicians prefer to use the Inspect Point iPad app when completing an inspection in the field. Inspect Point has spent years refining and perfecting the app to save time and maximize efficiency.

For Back Office employees collaborating with technicians in the field, most prefer to access on their office computer. Inspect Point has created many dashboards for office support teams and business owners. View our features page to learn more.

How can I add new sprinkler deivces?
Inspect Point offers several ways to add, edit and modify the status of an alarm device. When adding a new device, you can add the device manually, or in bulk using a variety of file formats to import the data. For questions about which import approach works best for your data, or to schedule a consultation about importing new devices, contact our team.
What type of NFPA Inspections can I perform?
Inspect Point helps you comply with the latest NPFA requirements. The software is updated with the latest NPFA requirements for fire and life safety inspections including NFPA 25 standards for fire sprinkler systems.

In addition, Inspect Point is also compliant with NFPA 10, NFPA 13, NFPA 20, NFPA 72, NFPA 80 and more.

What about State and Local Requirements?

In addition to NFPA requirements for fire alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers and other life safety system components, Inspect Point is customized with additional built-in questions to help you comply with state and local standards as required by an AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). For questions about our library of pre-built inspection forms, or to see how Inspect Point helps you manage inspection requirements in your area, contact us.

How much does it cost?

Inspect Point offers affordable options for any size business, from a single tech to over a thousand. View our pricing plans.

Have a question about features and pricing? Contact us to request a proposal or schedule a demo.

Can I import my existing data?
Yes! Inspect Point allows for the import of buildings and contacts, in addition to the setup of systems, assets, and/or inspection schedules. Start completing fire inspection reports with our library of pre-built NFPA forms. Contact our sales team to discuss your options and learn more.
Can I get a copy of my data if I cancel?
Yes. While we would be sad to see you go, we are able to export all of your data prior to canceling your account.
I'm ready to get started, what's next?
You’re just steps away from accessing the best fire inspection software in the industry. Contact us to schedule a time to discuss how Inspect Point can improve your business.