Summer is in full swing, and Inspect Point product updates are coming in hot! Over the past month, we’ve worked hard on new features, and feature enhancements, that will optimize your inspection and service workflows. Take a look:

🔥 NEW Features:

Technician Instructions: Have instructions for a technician that are specific to an inspection? You can now add “Technician Instructions” to an inspection or work order, which will show up on the iPad of the assigned technician. (Note, you can still use “Building Notes” to share instructions relevant to all inspections at a building, but this new feature allows you to share inspection-specific instructions!)

Visit Display Updates on Calendar: You can now see an icon to indicate if a visit is a work order, or an inspection. In addition, on inspections, you can see a preview of what’s being inspected.

Examples of visits on updated Calendar:


Analytic Report Updates:

  • Expiring Inspection Series: This new report allows you to see inspection series that are expired, or expiring soon. (You will receive a CSV for inspection series that have expired in the past 90 days or are expiring in the next 60 days. If there are no expiring inspection series, you will not receive the CSV.)
  • Overdue Inspections: See a list of inspections that are past due.

🔥 Features Updates & Enhancements:

Auto-complete & Search Default Technician Notes: Default technician notes can be added on the back-end via your “Settings” screen, in the “Inspections” section. These notes are a way for a technician to quickly select a note on a deficiency (such as “Painted Heads” on a sprinkler) without having to type it out each time. Now, on the iPad or iPhone, a technician can search for the note they’re looking for, or start typing and select from auto-complete suggestions, rather than having to scroll through the whole list and manually select the note.









Updates to Inspection Series: This update to inspection series allows you to create an inspection series that starts this month.

New Fields on Proposed Corrections: Proposed corrections now have a “Name” and “Description” field. The description field is optional, but can be utilized to provide more information about the correction.

Inspection + Work Order Detail Screen: On the inspection detail, you can now see (or add) associated work orders and invoices. On the work order detail screen, you can now see (or add) associated invoices.

To see all of this month’s updates, check out our July Release Notes here.