The Inspect Point development team strives to address customer feedback, and suggestions, by providing regular updates to the product.  The latest update (2.7.3 – scheduled for release on Thursday, November 17th at 5:00PM EST) to the iPad includes:

  • California 5 year wet system inspection templates and reports
  • New valve types
  • New Fire Extinguisher questions and attributes
  • Improved barcode scanning

Let’s take a closer look at the new Inspect Point features available in the 2.7.3 iPad release…


5 year wet system inspection templates & reports for CA

Inspect Point users in California now have access to inspection templates and reports related to the 5 year inspection, testing, and maintenance of wet sprinkler systems

We are continuing to roll out these State required forms, and have Quarterly/Annual wet system inspections, Quarterly/Annual preaction system inspections, and 5 year preaction system inspections in the pipeline for a future release.

New valve types

Users can now select Globe and PRV as valve types during an inspection.

New Fire Extinguisher questions and attributes

Inspect Point users performing fire extinguisher inspections (NFPA 10) can now add ‘Service Date’, and answer several new questions.

Improved barcode scanning

Inspect Point users can now scan barcodes in the field from the main screen – meaning barcodes are no longer only accessible via a specific devices or system-  thus providing increased flexibility with barcode scanning in the field.


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