Technicians in the field can now provide a proposed corrections report ( i.e. – service proposal or work order) to building contacts in the field – helping to tie the inspection and service departments business together.

Equipping inspection technicians with the ability to not only identify and document deficiencies, but generate work proposals with pricing, helps bring in revenue faster and builds a relationship of trust, and transparency, with customers.

From the field technicians can now see a list of all proposed corrections (products or services), that can be either be repaired on the spot or in a future visit.

These products and services are set in the backend of Inspect Point and can be adjusted, removed, or added at any time.

After technicians select the proposed corrections, building contacts are presented with a  correction summary report. Here they can see all the proposed corrections, pricing, and work types.

Building contacts can approve or deny the correction summary, and signs off on approval or denial via a client signature.

All approved corrections are sent back to the office electronically with the completed inspection. Backend users can then begin ordering required parts, dispatching service techs, and generate a more detailed proposal if needed.


We’re excited to announce the release of this feature and will continue to announce new  product features and updates as they become available.  For more information on how to setup and edit proposed corrections, please check out our online Help Desk for documentation.

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