Starting today, Inspect Point users can now auto-generate inspection reports from the field – helping to lay the groundwork for technicians to begin printing inspection reports from the field.

Technicians in the field, who have email enabled on their iPad, can now send completed inspections back to office and have finalized inspection reports sent to their email, by clicking “Send to Office.”

This feature can only be turned on by contacting Inspect Point. If you are an Inspect Point customer and interested in this feature, please contact Jennifer at for more information and to turn this feature on.


Please note: Inspect Point does not provide support for printers used in the field. 


We’re excited to announce the addition of this feature and will continue to announce new  productfeatures and updates as they become available.  For more information on how to setup and edit proposed corrections, please check out our online Help Desk for documentation.

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Let us know. Contact Jennifer at to discuss your request and potential  release date. Since we work off a product backlog, feature and product requests are worked in order of demand and request date.


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