The world of fire protection is changing – Service and Inspection businesses are greatly improving their revenue and margin through integrated mobile software.  

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Built-In NFPA Forms, Software that is Updated Monthly, Inspect Point’s platform is the most trusted Fire Inspection Software in the industry.

Inspect Point is a fire protection software platform for ITM / Service contractors. Our tools help companies manage their inspections, proposals and dispatching seamless through a web portal and mobile App.

We focus on improving the inspection process for the techs and the back office personnel. The platform is fully set up for a variety of fire protection realms and codes.

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About Inspect Point

Ditch the pen and paper! Inspect Point is the easiest way to perform fire protection inspections in the field. With Inspect Point technicians can: – Perform fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, special hazards, and chemical suppression inspections

– View their visits/appointments for the day
– See contact information and notes for all of their visits
– Only see the questions that need to be answered based on the system being inspected and the frequency of the inspection
– Take photos of any deficiencies
– Collect signatures
– Send completed inspections to the back office with the click of a button
– And much, much more!

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