With Inspect Point, you never have to worry that your technicians will forget to assign an inspection status in your system. Track job progress, and help your employees manage their ongoing projects, with our automated and manual inspection status tools.


Best part? These are all available right on their iPad, in real time.

Automatic Inspection Statuses


We built automatic inspection statuses right into our platform so you, and your employees, can make the most of the work day. No more searching for the right status in long lists. No more uploading and downloading to other programs to send inspection reports back to the office for review.


Save time and money with our automated status options, which include:


Pending: An inspection is waiting to be scheduled. An inspection is typically in this status because a recurring inspection schedule was setup. To move an inspection from “Pending” to “Scheduled” please refer to our guide here, or learn more about recurring inspections here.

Started: The technician has started the inspection in the field.

Waiting for Review: The technician has completed the inspection in the field and has sent the inspection back to the office for review.

Deleted by Technician: An inspection in the “Scheduled” or “Cancelled” status has been deleted from the iPad by the technician in the field.


Manual Inspection Statuses


Some things are too important for automation. This is why we include vital inspection statuses that can only be assigned manually, within the Inspect Point suite.


Completed: This status can mean two things depending on your specific needs. First, it can mean that the invoice has been paid and a final inspection report has been sent to the building. Second, completed can mean that the inspection has been reviewed and is waiting to be invoiced. Since this a manual status, you can decide which use is better for your fire inspection business.

Invoiced: An invoice has been sent to the building’s accounts payable. Like completed, since this a manual status, you can decide how you would like to use, or not use, this status.

Cancelled: The inspection will not be completed and was cancelled before it was started.


Automatic or Manual Statuses


A single inspection status can be set either manually or automatically according to the job type, one-time or recurring.


Scheduled (Automatic): If a one-time inspection is created, the inspection is automatically set to scheduled.

Scheduled (Manual): If a recurring inspection is created, the inspection status will be set to pending and will need to be manually moved to the scheduled status once the inspection date and time have been confirmed with the client.


If you would like to change statuses from one to another for multiple inspection reports, please refer our guide – How to change the inspection status for multiple inspections at one time.


We hope this has been a helpful look into how Inspect Point can make fire inspections so much easier for your team through automatic, or manual, inspection status functions.


If you would like to learn more about how Inspect Point can benefit your fire inspection business, request a demo today!