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Inspect Point features the largest library of built-in NFPA forms.

Schedule & Dispatch Inspections

With Inspect Point, you can quickly schedule, assign, and dispatch inspections to a particular technician for a specific date, time, or recurrence.

Watch your Business

With real-time updates from the field, you can quickly and easily view inspections waiting review, inspections scheduled for that day, and all documented deficiencies listed in order or priority, on the home screen of your Inspect Point instance.

Create Reports in only 1 Click

With the click of a button, Inspect Point gives you the ability to instantly generate professionally branded inspection reports that display your company contact information and logo, along with the building and contact information of the inspected building.

Create Fire Pump Performance Curves

Use the readings you collect in the field to create a professional computer generated performance curve inside Inspect Point. Remove the hassle of juggling multiple programs, or creating performance curves by hand. Instead, let Inspect Point plot each point of the graph, and attach it to the final inspection report for you.

Generate Proposals in the Field

With Inspect Point, technicians can prepare and present proposals, gather approval signatures, and send all approved and denied work back to the office electronically. Those in the office can then begin ordering parts and dispatching service technicians within minutes of receiving proposal approval.

Complete NFPA Inspections

With Inspect Point, you have all your inspections, photos, notes, signatures, deficiencies, and proposed corrections, securely sent to the office from the field in a single easy-to-read document.


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We run our entire inspection business through Inspect Point. It saves us time, keeps us organized, and helps us land new business. We love Inspect Point!

Paul Winaroski

Estimator Project Manager, Albany Fire Protection

We are delighted to have found such a high-quality service provider to partner in our success. It gives Heads Up Fire Sprinkler a competitive edge, and we have Inspect Point to thank for that.

Victoria Minick

NFPA 25 Inspections Coordinator, Heads Up Fire Sprinklers, Inc.

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