Fire Pump Inspection Software by Inspect Point

Create Hassle-Free Professional Fire Pump Performance Curves

Remove the hassle of juggling multiple programs, or creating performance curves by hand. Inspect more, and inspect better.

Fire pump curves collected during inspection are automatically plotted in an NFPA-compliant inspection report. The report is immediately available to view, print or email.

Document deficiencies, gather photos, document notes and schedule follow up maintenance from your phone or tablet.

Inspect Point software helps technicians complete more inspections with improved accuracy.

Improve Annual Fire Pump Inspections

Inspect Point users and their customers see three fire pump performance curves plotted.

  • Current year curve – driven off the flow test results collect during the annual fire pump inspection.
  • Manufacture curve – driven off the fire pump information section. This information can be added in the backend or in the field and only needs to be added once.
  • Previous year curve – drive off the flow test results collected during the previous annual fire pump inspection.

Each curve is a different color for ease of visualization.

Fire Pump Testing Software

Fire Pump Inspection Screen

The Inspect Point app is a powerful tool for technicians performing field inspections. Simple to use, answer the questions about an asset.

Capture photos, document deficiencies and enter notes.
When you are finished, you can preview and complete the report.

Works with Electric, Diesel and Steam Pumps

Inspect Point helps organize all the essential information to complete the inspection.

Add details, scan barcodes, and answer questions. Assets can be compared to past tests, in addition to viewing how the asset is performance against manufacturer’s standards.

Reporting Capabilities

NFPA Fire Pump Inspection Reports

Inspect point offers the largest library of NFPA questions in the industry. Test and inspect fire pump assets with piece of mind.

  • Comply with NFPA 25 standards for annual inspections
  • Comply with NFPA 20 standards for new installations
  • All reports are immediately available from your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Print, email, or directly share a digital copy of the report

New Installations & NFPA 20

The NPFA 20 is the Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection. This is the fire code that outlines the standards for installing fire pump systems within a building. Likewise, it also discusses guidelines for field acceptance tests and standards for hose valves.

In the NFPA’s own words, “NFPA 20 protects life and property by providing requirements for the selection and installation of pumps to ensure that systems will work as intended to deliver adequate and reliable water supplies in a fire emergency.”

NFPA 25 Regular Inspections

The NFPA 25 outlines regulations and standards for regular fire pump system inspections. This includes monthly inspections called “churns,” in addition to annual inspections called “flow tests”

In addition to fire pump testing, fire sprinklers are also tested as part of a NFPA 25 inspection. Inspect Point’s NFPA 25 forms and reports are designed to help you perform more inspections, more efficiently.

Supporting Your Business

Step by Step Guidenance

The Inspect Point team is committed to helping your organization perform more inspections, and win more business.

WIthin our Knowledge Base, we have created a series of assets and tutorials to help your company onboard and find new ways to use the product.

But not everything can be on the Knowledge Base, because some things are custom just to your business. For these use cases, we’re just a phone call away and ready to help!

Using Inspect Point

Fire Pump Highlights

Available for your iPad, phone or laptop, Inspect Point is the most trusted name in life safety inspection software.

  • Largest NFPA library. Complies with NFPA 25 and NFPA 20
  • Avoid errors plotting performance curves
  • Works with diesel, electric and steam pumps
  • Document stand pipe and hose systems
  • Use with or without an active internet connection
  • Compare annual reports to manufacture standards and past performance curves

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Inspect Point?
You can access Inspect Point from a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Typically, most technicians prefer to use the Inspect Point iPad app when completing an inspection in the field. Inspect Point has spent years refining and perfecting the app to save time and maximize efficiency.

For Back Office employees collaborating with technicians in the field, most prefer to access on their office computer. Inspect Point has created many dashboards for office support teams and business owners. View our features page to learn more.

How can I add new sprinkler deivces?
Inspect Point offers several ways to add, edit and modify the status of an alarm device. When adding a new device, you can add the device manually, or in bulk using a variety of file formats to import the data. For questions about which import approach works best for your data, or to schedule a consultation about importing new devices, contact our team.
What type of NFPA Inspections can I perform?
Inspect Point helps you comply with the latest NPFA requirements. The software is updated with the latest NPFA requirements for fire and life safety inspections including NFPA 25 standards for fire sprinkler systems.

In addition, Inspect Point is also compliant with NFPA 10, NFPA 13, NFPA 20, NFPA 72, NFPA 80 and more.

What about State and Local Requirements?

In addition to NFPA requirements for fire alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers and other life safety system components, Inspect Point is customized with additional built-in questions to help you comply with state and local standards as required by an AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). For questions about our library of pre-built inspection forms, or to see how Inspect Point helps you manage inspection requirements in your area, contact us.

How much does it cost?

Inspect Point offers affordable options for any size business, from a single tech to over a thousand. View our pricing plans.

Have a question about features and pricing? Contact us to request a proposal or schedule a demo.

Can I import my existing data?
Yes! Inspect Point allows for the import of buildings and contacts, in addition to the setup of systems, assets, and/or inspection schedules. Start completing fire inspection reports with our library of pre-built NFPA forms. Contact our sales team to discuss your options and learn more.
Can I get a copy of my data if I cancel?
Yes. While we would be sad to see you go, we are able to export all of your data prior to canceling your account.
I'm ready to get started, what's next?
You’re just steps away from accessing the best fire inspection software in the industry. Contact us to schedule a time to discuss how Inspect Point can improve your business.