Inspect Point users who add user added system questions now have the ability to create and add custom section names to group and customize questions.

Prior to the addition of this feature all user added system questions were grouped together under a section titled “Miscellaneous.” The addition of this feature allows users to now strategically group user added system questions with section names that match the questions added, and add multiple custom sections (with questions) to an inspection.

Users looking to add user added system questions to a custom section, can do so via the ‘New Question Screen’ by selecting an already added section name from the ‘Section Name’ drop down.

Or by creating a new custom section by clicking ‘Add New Section,’ entering the required information, and then selecting it from the ‘Section Name’ drop down.

All custom sections are assigned to a system or asset, and can be linked to an already existing form.

All custom sections, and associated questions, now appear on the final inspection report logically grouped.

We’re excited to announce the addition of this feature and will continue to announce new product features and updates as they become available.  For more information on how to create a user added system question with a custom section name, please check out our online Help Desk for documentation.

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