Inspect Point users who have custom external forms built into their instance of Inspect Point can now generate a single inspection report that includes all inspected systems, assets, and custom external forms.

The addition of this feature allows users to display all inspection information on a single form, and removes the need to generate multiple reports.

All custom external forms added to a building inspection in the backend of Inspect Point are performed, and sent back to the office, the same as any system or asset.

Once the inspection report is generated the final inspection report displays the custom external form followed by all inspected systems and assets.

All information collected during the inspection, for the custom external form, is overlayed on the external form. This process maintains the style and appearance of the original form.

(Click the image above to see the full sample inspection report)

We’re excited to announce the addition of this feature and will continue to announce new product features and updates as they become available.  For more information on how to add a custom external form to an inspection, please check out our online Help Desk for documentation.

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