Beginning today, technicians in the field can now select a deficiency status for any deficiency identified during an NFPA inspection.

The addition of the critical deficiency status adds an additional layer of detail and prioritization to the service and repair of identified deficiencies in the field to assist the work flow and service process.

From the iPad, technicians in the field can now select from the following statuses for deficiencies

  1. No Status
  2. Non-Critical
  3. Critical
  4. Impairment

Technicians can then add notes in the “Notes” area on the iPad, and take pictures the same as before.

Once inspections are sent back to the office from the field, Inspect Point backend users can see each deficiency in the various statuses – with all default, or non-defined statuses, appearing in the “No Status” status – on the home screen.

All inspections that have at least one deficiency will appear in the “High Priority” column, with deficiencies marked in the critical or impairment statuses appearing towards the top.

All deficiencies with statuses can be worked via the reports section, and updated based on status via the “Edit Answer” screen.

We’re excited to announce the release of this feature and will continue to announce new  product features and updates as they become available.

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