Starting today, December 1, 2015, technicians in the field will now have the ability to search for building inspections on the iPad, and automatically have completed inspections filtered into a new “Completed” tab – allowing for a better user experience and a more accurate picture of remaining inspections.

The new search feature allows technicians in the field to quickly search for a building on demand. Technicians are able to search for buildings that have been scheduled, cancelled, or completed on the iPad.

This new search feature provides technicians with more control over view and access to information needed to plan or perform their job.

The search feature has been added directly above the building lists on the iPad and is visible on any tab.

In addition to the new search feature, technicians will no longer see completed inspections in the “Scheduled” tab. This feature release helps clean up the “Scheduled” tab and provide a more accurate picture of buildings that still need inspections performed.

Completed inspections are now filtered into the “Completed” tab autotmatically when an inspection is sent back to the office, and marked “complete” by triggers built into Inspect Point.

Please note, that if a technician is working offline, the inspections will remain in the scheduled tab until an internet connection is established and the inspections are sent back to the office. 


We’re excited to announce the release of these features and will continue to announce product features and updates as they become available.

Have a feature request?

Let us know. Contact Jennifer at to discuss your request and potential  release date. Since we work off a product backlog, feature and product requests are worked in order of demand and request date.



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