The quicker an inspection is performed means more inspections – and more money for an inspection business.  But how can you decrease the time it takes to complete an inspection without compromising safety and compliance?

Inspect Point addresses these concerns by…

  • Defaulting all inspection questions to ‘Yes’.  This saves the tech, or inspector, time by having their attention dedicated to deficiency documentation and customer service. For example, if a technician spots a deficiency, they select ‘No’ on the inspection template and are asked to document the deficiency using the iPad camera.
  • Quickly accessing previous notes and inspections in the field.  Let’s imagine it’s a busy day and your inspection business has received a last minute frantic call from a customer for an inspection. However, all your techs are in the field and have zero time to head back to the office to collect a previous inspection report of the building. With Inspect Point, that is not longer a problem. Techs can quickly access previous inspections, deficiencies and notes from their iPad in the field, and save the gas.
  • Easily sending completed inspections from the field back to the office with the push of a button.  It’s that easy. A good internet connection and a final button push is all that’s needed to send a completed inspection report from the field back to the office.
So what does this mean for your fire sprinkler inspection business? 
Besides the old saying “time is money,” Inspect Point’s all-in-one solution, eliminates the need for juggling multiple inspection tools (cameras, clipboards, paper, pens), and instead, has everything needed to perform an inspection available on the iPad.

Take a look at Inspect Point and the features you read about above, contact us to arrange your private 30 minute demo of Inspect Point.