ASFA40 Recap

ASFA40 Convention, Exposition & Apprentice Competition Recap

Such a great conference and exhibition in San Antonio! AFSA did an incredible job with its 40th anniversary.  Our team enjoyed seeing so many familiar and new faces. We congratulate the AFSA for their passion and commitment to the voice of the merit shop fire sprinkler technician, for growing from a handful of volunteers to over 1,ooo member companies, 31 local chapters, and two state affiliates. Inspect Point is so proud to be a member and we look forward to the next 40 years!

Attending the show with the team meant so much to us.  Drew Slocum, Chris Sharp, and Brittney Carroll were greeting and meeting contractors, manufacturers, and engineers throughout the week. Drew gave a packed presentation on Saturday, called, “Accelerating Recurring Revenue in the Ever-Changing World of ITM Compliance.”  If you missed it or you haven’t yet heard it,  you can check it out here. 

The Fire Protection Podcast was  LIVE from the exhibition hall and spent some time interviewing people in a variety of booths. Topics included the supply chain, government responses, burgeoning opportunities, NFPA 13, and all things in fire sprinkler life.  Hashtag sprinkler life.

Viking SupplyNet Visit

What’s New with Viking?

Inspect Point’s VP of Business Development, Chris Sharp, mans the camera for The Fire Protection Podcast as Adam Owens, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Marketing,  and Nancy Houghton, Marketing Director,  showcase some brand new Viking products, including the VXD Deluge & Preaction Valve and a review of the  Valve And System Configurator! The configurator allows customers to interactively build a complete system riser for Viking’s wet, dry, deluge, and preaction systems.   This digital tool provides a 3D model, a total bill of materials that can be sent to Viking SupplyNet for quote or purchase, and a zip file containing all related technical documentation. Bing, bang, boom!

Adam also lets the cat out of the bag by talking about the new partnership between Viking SupplyNet and Inspect Point! Check that out right here!

Inspect Point customers will also be able to request an import of their Viking SupplyNet materials and pricing right into their Inspect Point instance for quick and easy access!

Here is the link to the Viking SupplyNet visit

All Good with Will Allgood from Zurn: The Fire Protection Podcast Visits the Zurn Booth

Host Drew Slocum, had a great time podcasting and talking to Will Allgood of Zurn for The Fire Protection Podcast. Will stressed the importance of the standpipes, PRV’s, and the importance of the five-year flow test. He said the proper servicing of the standpipe is crucial to the fire department. It is such a great interview with a great showcase of some cool new Zurn products. Check out the video here.


Drew had the pleasure of speaking to AGF Manufacturing President Jim McHugh, who introduced him to several new products. Their model 7000L Lockable Pressure Relief Valve.

Locks temporarily for hydrostatic testing without removing the valve from the system. AGF Manufacturing offers a free pressure relief valve upgrade for a limited time when you order an AGF riser manifold.

AGF has also expanded their CollectandDrain® product line with the Model 5900 Flood Eliminator that prevents broken auxiliary drains from flooding a facility. The Model 5900 allows condensate water to collect normally in a standard drum drip. Pressurized flow from a failed drum drip automatically trips the auxiliary drain flood eliminator to cut off that flow. This eliminates the flooding and damage that would result from the system’s failure. 

You can watch Drew and Jim’s show and tell here.

American Backflow and General Air

American Backflow Products
At the American Backflow booth, Drew and company have a chat about California forms. Orange County vs. Newport Beach, and CA vs. LA! Here is where you can watch this.

General Air Products
Visiting some old pals at the General Air Products booth, the talk turned to air supply options, including the recent Q Series quiet fire protection compressors and the OL and OLT Plus series improvements. For over 50 years, General Air Products has been the leading manufacturer of Fire Protection Air Compressors, Dry Air Generators, and Nitrogen Generators for filling Dry Pipe & Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems. You can take a look at this conversation here.


Drew visited the Potter booth where Dan Burton filled him in on some new products like the SignaLink™ Bridge Wireless Supervisory System, which will now allow users the ability to use fully supervised wireless communication between dry contact devices.  Potter’s IntelliCheck™ Advanced Leak Rate Monitor is designed to remotely monitor leak rate, system pressure, compressor runtime, and temperature on any dry pipe or pre-action sprinkler system and supervisory gas source to ensure optimal performance. You can see this segment here.

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler

Over in the Reliable booth, Ralph Fuchs and Brandon Telford showed Drew several new products, including the MV Medium Velocity Nozzles. They are designed for use in water spray fixed systems for fire protection applications and are supported by a library of 3D CAD blocks of discharge patterns. 

The new WP56C concealed window sprinkler is available in various cover plate finishes or a custom color paint match to perfectly complement surrounding architectural finishes. Here is the link to the Reliable visit.

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