The Inspect Point Support team is proud to announce the launch of our new and improved Online Help Desk

The Inspect Point Online Help Desk is designed to help customers troubleshoot product issues and reference step-by-step guides, prior to contacting our Support team.

Our Help Desk is broken into four categories:

  1. Get to Know Inspect Point
  2. Mobile App
  3. Web Application/Backend
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Then broken into sub-categories to allow for easy organization of information and product reference.

The built-in search feature expedites the process by compiling information into a list of relevant search results based on the topics inside our help desk. 

If Support assistance is needed, customers are able to click the “Submit a request” button at the top of the screen to quickly open a support ticket.


As always – if there is a question or support issue we are missing – let us know! We will continue to add and edit our help desk as product features are released and customer questions come in.


Interested in learning more about Inspect Point? Contact us today to request your private 30 minute online demo.