Inspect Point makes it easy to know the status of every inspection – at any time


No more phone calls, emails, or digging through paperwork. Quickly glance at your Inspect Point dashboard and know where you are in the inspection process with your customers.

Here’s a quick look at the various inspection statuses (and descriptions) currently available in Inspect Point broken into two sections – Automatic and Manual


(Inspect Point automatically changes the status when an action is taken) and Manual (the status must be changed manually by someone in the back office):


  • Pending: An inspection is waiting to be scheduled. An inspection is typically in this status because a recurrence schedule was set up.
  • Scheduled: An inspection date has been confirmed or assigned, a new record has been created in the inspection table, and the inspection is now available on the assigned technician’s iPad.
  • Started: The technician has started the inspection in the field.
  • Waiting for Review: The technician has completed the inspection in the field and has sent the inspection back to the office for review. 
  • Deleted by Technician: (Recently added) An inspection has been deleted from the iPad by the technician in the field. 


  • Completed: This status can be one of two things – First, the invoice has been paid, and a final inspection report has been sent to the building. Second, the inspection has been reviewed and is waiting to be invoiced. Since this is a manual status, you can decide how you would like to use this status.
  • Invoiced: An invoice has been sent to the building. Like completed, since this a manual status, you can decide how you would like to use, or not use, this status.
  • Canceled: The inspection will not be completed and was canceled before it was started. 



Keeping track of the status of each inspection in a single location helps you stay organized, identify gaps or overlapping work, and get paid faster

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