Close your eyes…

Think about how you’re currently recording deficiencies – Cameras? Cell phones?

Now think about how those photos get back to the office – Text messages? Memory cards? Emails?

Now, think about how those photos match the fire inspection emails. Handwritten notes? Guessing?

Now, think about how much easier this entire process could be.

The newest feature to be built into Inspect Point eliminates the confusion and duplication of documenting deficiencies by allowing techs to document deficiencies with photos taken directly from their mobile device.

Here’s how it works: 

Your tech arrives on site and begins the fire inspection process on his mobile/tablet device. During the inspection, he or she discovers a deficiency.

  • He or she clicks “No” on the inspection question, indicating there is a deficiency
  • A note is made for reference
  • He or she hits the photo button below the note
  • Takes a picture
  • Moves on to the next inspection question

It’s that easy! The photo is saved and associated with the inspection question where it was identified.

Once the inspection is complete, the photos taken during the inspection are synced and saved safely in the cloud. The back office staff is notified the inspection is complete and is able to generate a complete inspection report with notes and photos, with the button – and on a single document


Now, take a step back…

Think again about the way you’re currently handling deficiency documentation. Which process sounds better?

Take a look at this feature, plus many more, during a private 30-minute demo. Contact us today.