Apple may not have invented the tablet,  but it has defined and shaped the market into what it is today. That’s one of the many reasons why we, at Inspect Point, made a conscious decision to build and support our mobile app strictly on the iOS/Apple infrastructure.

The tablet market has become more competitive over the years with the introduction of Android and Window tablets. However, the iPad has remained consistent in design and user experience – while continuing to advance features and computing power.

Because of the iPad’s

  • Controlled App Store Review Process
  • Consistent Product and Quality
  • Market Trust

our investment in the iOS platform seemed like a “no-brainer.”

Let’s take a closer look at three reasons why we think the iPad is the best tablet for mobile NFPA inspections.

1. Controlled App Store Review Process

Apple is well-known for the control they exert over their App Store.  Every app submitted to Apple for sale (free or for profit) is individually tested by Apple before being released.

While this may cause headaches for developers and businesses looking to quickly release app updates to their users, this added level of control provides an extra layer of protection to Apple users by ensuring only legitimate apps, that are free of spam and malware, are available inside the App Store.

This controlled App Store review process ensures the mobile app updates and downloads Inspect Point users receive have gone through vigorous testing – both by us and Apple.

2. Consistent Product and Quality

Regardless of size, style, or version, the iPad is consistent in its design, usability, and quality. Since the beginning, Apple has implemented a simple design, which in turn has created an easy-to-use product that requires very little (if any) setup.

The iPad’s design and flow is consistent and intuitive. Users are able to easily sync and use app information between devices, and have developed trust in the product – knowing design and user experience will not change drastically between updates or product releases. It is this user trust that has helped Apple secure their stronghold in the industry and iPad adoption.

The iPad’s consistency and quality helped lay the foundation for us to create and build a mobile app that, regardless of updates or feature releases, provides Inspect Point users with a high quality, easy-to-use mobile app.

3. A Trusted Industry Leader

Apple continues to push the envelope, and move the industry forward, with each iPad release.  Their most recent release of the iPad Pro exceeds the performance of many laptops and pushes the industry forward with it’s expansive retina display that allows for a faster, more refined multi-touch experience.

Six years later, and developers and businesses, are continuing to develop high-quality mobile apps for download in the App Store. To date, there are more than 800,000 available apps, with almost half of those being specifically designed for the App Store. The vigorous testing, consistency, and quality of the App Store has helped Apple become a trusted leader amongst developers and businesses.

By investing in a proven industry leader, we have been able to focus on creating a mobile app that helps push the fire inspection industry forward, instead of rewriting code for various devices and worrying about security and quality.


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