The Inspect Point product team regularly prioritizes features, improvements and bug fixes to the Inspect Point platform. Here’s a look at our latest release…

We’re glad to be back with another edition of our Release Notes series – this time covering everything that has to do with the 3.0.1 iPad update!

We continuously work at making our software the best it can be, striving to help our customers grow their business, and keep paving the way for  how mobile inspections are conducted within the fire protection industry.

With each release, new and exciting updates are made available, and the 3.0.1 is no exception with the addition of our most recent integration partner – Socket Mobile! The 3.0.1 update officially made this integration available, and this is something we believe will greatly optimize how our customers scan barcodes in the field. If you are interested in more information, please feel free to email to setup a demo and see the integration in action. Also, be sure to look out for our webinar recording on YouTube shortly.

With all this said, lets take a closer look at some of the other updates, that were made available in our latest release…

  • New Fire Pump Curve

Inspect Point users, and their customers, now see a new and improved curve report on all annual fire pump inspections. Previous to this update, current curves only were automatically plotted and displayed on generated fire pump reports. Now, users not only see the current curve, but a manufacturer curve, and a previous curve (if applicable). This provides not only more information to our customers customers, but provides our users with increased visibility into the performance of the fire pump overtime.

  • Fire Extinguisher Updates

Fire extinguishers were a big target of this most recent update. Big shout out to our development team who put in a lot of hard work to get the new module up and running! Updates to this module include:

  • The ability to document both the service and inspection of each fire extinguisher in the field
  • 6-year, 12-year, and 5-year testing dates automatically set based on manufacturer date
  • A new weight field
  • New report layout

This is something we look forward to demoing for attendees at the upcoming NAFED  conference in Atlantic City.  If you are there, make sure to stop by booth 43 to see more, and say HI to Ryan and Dustin!

  • Fire Door Service

Like the new fire extinguisher module, technicians now have the ability to document corrections per fire door – making it so their customers can now easily identify the services performed/projected  services per door.

  • Fire Hoses and Hose Valves

Technicians now are able to capture and add both fire hoses and hose valves in the field. Not only does this provide a more  accurate representation of equipment within the building they are contracted to inspect, but it alleviates the burden from the back office of adding this information prior to the techs starting the inspection.

  • Inspection Series

Inspection series allows users to set up  inspections – based on frequency, type, and what is being inspected – for the year (and years to come). When setting this, all future inspections created in the series will be set in the pending status, and set to the first of the month they are due. This ultimately gives backend users the ability to plan with more accuracy.

  • Updates to help technicians in the field

Technicians play a vital part in the inspection process. To help improve the user experience for them

  • Technicians can now access full customer contact information.
  • Technicians have now have the ability to rename systems, assets, alarm systems, extinguisher groups, back-flows, etc., in the field – making it easier to customize and/or fix any misrepresented items in the building.
  • Technicians can also now add general photos and notes that don’t have to be specifically tied to an inspection question – allowing them to create a more detailed report for their customers.


As we continuously bring updates to the product, you can rely on blog posts such as this to highlight the core features and progress made each step of the way.


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