“Our firm has been working with Inspect Point and we are delighted to recommend their services. After a dismal experience with another
specialty software, Inspect Point stepped in and gave us hope again. Our experience with the team from Inspect Point has been on-point! Their team
has the ability to understand our needs, communicate effectively and continue to exceed our expectations.”

Carla Distrola

Vice President, General Underground Fire Protection Orange, CA

“Inspect Point has been the most valuable tool in our business. The software is powerful, reliable, easy to use, and is saving us time and money in the field, and in the office. Inspect Point has been essential in our growth, and is well worth the money!”

Michael Cole

Vice President , Cole Fire Protection Chicago, IL

“The Inspect Point crew is very attentive to our needs! When we email with questions or concerns, their response time is prompt and helpful. They are a great company to work with!”

Jeremy Sollars

Inspection Supervisor, Tri-State Fire Protection, Inc.

“We run our entire inspection business through Inspect Point. It saves us time, keeps us organized, and helps us land new business. We love Inspect Point!”

Paul Winaroski

Estimator Project Manager, Albany Fire Protection

“In March of 2020 we began using the Inspect Point software after struggling for years with another app program. My boss challenged me at the beginning to do at least two
days a week of inspections to get started. The software was so easy to understand and use that I was able to go full into it five days a week that first week. We have been using it since day one and never looked back. The customer support is always there, responds quickly, and resolves issues (really learning curve issues) usually the same day through chat, email, or phone. They have been there for us when we needed help setting up custom inspections and getting our report paperwork “just” right.
The field inspectors picked up on using the software from day one and truly enjoy using it. It makes their job so much easier as well. It is a pleasure using this software for all of our inspection needs.”

Dan String

Director of NFPA Inspections, East Tennessee Sprinkler Company

“After the Inspect Point app, field inspections and the reports generated were more simplified, moreover the ability to add on field systems, valves, scan codes, take photos, generate deficiencies, all of it gives us the chance to rapidly identify and correct issues, that before it, were a little bit bothersome. As well as the custom inspection, it was very important to perform detailed inspections of specific components using the same platform. I have to mention the digital form in the field of our customers and lastly but not least, the customer portal, that was very useful and well-received for our customers. But the best of Inspect Point are the people who have given us support through all these years.”

Silvio Garcia

Mechanical Engineer, Salvavidas Centroamerica S.A.

“We have been using Inspect Point for several years in several states. It is very user-friendly and flexible to support the requirements within each office and each state. The staff at Inspect Point are extremely dedicated to customer service and have been a delight to work with.”

Gina T. Reed

IT Systems Integration Specialist & Trainer, AI Fire Protection