Integrate Today with QBO

Save time and streamline your accounting processes! With our new and improved Quickbooks Online integration, you can:

✓  Import QBO products & services into Quickbooks
Add your imported products & services onto Inspect Point invoices
✓  Sync pricing & inventory counts to QBO
✓  Push Inspect Point invoices to QBO

Watch this video to see our QBO integration in action, or read the FAQ below to learn more.


Do I need to be on a certain QuickBooks Online pricing plan in order to connect Quickbooks Online and Inspect Point?

 No. The Inspect Point and Quickbooks Online integration works with any Quickbooks Online pricing plan.

Will I need to involve my IT team to help with the Integration?

 No. The integration is fast and easy to set up and does not require IT to be involved.

I’ve been with Inspect Point for some time now so how do I connect Inspect Point and Quickbooks Online without duplicating efforts?

Simply click on the building inside of Inspect Point, click “Link QBO Customer”, select the QuickBooks Online Customer from the drop down, and they are connected.