Product Features

Some quick information on some things Inspect Point does

Our engineers are continuously adding to and improving our software. Here are a few product features we wanted to let people know we have. Of course, for an in-depth dive, please schedule a demo here.

Top 10 Things We Enjoy in Canada

  • Canadian maple and arce syrup
  • Ice Hockey
  • Montreal
  • Poutine
  • Hiking and Camping
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • Curling
  • Timbits from Tim Hortons
  • Pulled pork pancakes with maple syrup
  • ULC for Fire System Inspections

Inspect Point now offers ULC S536 and S537 workflows. There is an option for additional logic to be built in for questions to propose another associated question. This allows for greater compliance.


Multitech and Multi Techs – The Gang’s All Here!

Now you can add additional techs right in the field!

UL Cee It Here!


Multi Tech

Don’t Hog All the Covers. 

Inspect Point has completely configurable and branded cover letters. You can set it up to include anything you’d like. There are available replaceable tokens to help build out and customize your cover letters.

Cover Me!


Cover Letters

Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Dr.?

Report Titles! You can now change the report’s name to however you’d like it to appear on the report.

Title Time.


Report Titles

Speedy Service With a Smile

You can now create work orders in the field for a specific building and create an inspection type, choose an inspection, add service and problem descriptions, create a service visit, and then resolve the deficiencies and problems! Pretty nifty!

Resolve those Deficiencies!


Check Out These Features and a lot more!

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Service Visits in the Field