Early Access Program

Inspect Point Payments

Interested in embedded payment processing? Apply to join our Payment Early Acess Program! This gives you an opportunity to provide input, help shape the future of Inspect Point payments, and start taking online credit card and eCheck/ACH payments ASAP.

Why Use Inspect Point Payments?

Maximize your profit margins

We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Streamline & save time

Embedded payments means no need for double data entry or manual invoice creation.

Instant payment processing

With online payments, your customer can pay instantly. No more watching the mail for checks.

Daily payouts

Your money should live in YOUR bank. Funds are deposited daily into your account.


How do payments in Inspect Point work?

Inspect Point Payments allows you to take payments directly on an invoice created within Inspect Point. 

Credit card or ACH/eCheck payments can be accepted either web invoices sent via the back-end office, or in the field.

Are Inspect Point payments PCI-compliant?

Data privacy and security are among our top priorities. Inspect Point partners with a certified PCI-compliant 3rd party to facilitate payments. See our partner’s PCI certification here.

What does the Early Access program include?
  • Our Early Access program launches in August 2022 and will include the ability to accept credit card or ACH/e-check payments on a web invoice created within Inspect Point.
  • The web invoice can be sent via email by the back-end office or the technician.
  • For payments in the field, technicians can display (or send) the web invoice to customers on the iPad/iPhone. In September 2022, technicians will be able to swipe cards using a bluetooth card reader. 
  • Additional payments functionality will be released throughout Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, including:
    • Transaction management / administration within Inspect Point (Currently, the majority of administration will be done in a 3rd party payment portal.)
    • Invoice improvements
    • Recurring / subscription payments
    • Partial payments 
What does the application process entail?

For security purposes, our payments partner requires merchants to go through an onboarding process.

Please have the following information ready for your online application:

  • Business type (Corporation, LLC etc.)
  • EIN
  • Date business established
  • Estimate annual processing volume / average transaction amount
  • Owner information (including SSN and ownership %)
  • Bank account type / number (for payouts)

Your application will take approximately 24-48 hours to review.

Upon acceptance, you will receive a notification and be provided with credentials to access the Payments portal.

Does Inspect Point offer training?

Yes! Once your application is approved, our Payments team will walk you and key staff members through how to use Inspect Point payments. Additionally, we will have training and support documentation available.

What Inspect Point plan is required to use payments?

Payments is available to all customers! We can enable payments for you whether you are on Silver, Gold or Platinum.

What are the fees?

Transaction Fees

These are the fees that are paid to Inspect Point on each transaction.

  • Keyed: 2.95% + 30c
  • Card present/swiped: 2.6% + 30c
  • ACH: 1% (Capped at $50)

Processing Fees

Inspect Point is charged the following administrative fees by our partner who facilitates payments.

We do not add a commission on top of what we are charged. Processing fees include the following fees, as well as several other minor fees that are applicable only in rare circumstances. We will provide a full breakdown in your onboarding packet.

  • Payout fee: 25c per payout
  • Chargeback fee: $15 per stage of chargeback 

Bluetooth Card Reader  (Available September 2022)

This is required only if you would like technicians to be able to take payments in the field.

  • $59.99
Is there a monthly or annual fee?

Nope! You are only charged for the transaction and processing fees outlined above.