In 2018 it would be pretty hard; near impossible, to find an industry that doesn’t have some form of a software that aids in the running of business.

You’ll find they come in all forms. A company may very well utilize multiple software’s throughout their various departments. Say one accounting, another scheduling, or something completely different.

Either way, a business should be able to use all active software in a fluid process, and software providers will tend to agree. This is where integrations, and APIs (Application Programming Interface), come in to play. With providers making it possible for their system to communicate with another, allowing a company to use different systems simultaneously.

Inspect Point is one of those eager providers ready to accommodate a customer that we may share with another software. While we look to provide users with everything they need to run their fire protection business, such as, and mentioned prior – accounting – which is something we do not have built into the program.

For example, some of our customers came in already using Quickbooks or Sage to manage their accounting. We let these customers know that they wouldn’t need to cut ties with their current accounting software. Instead, we gladly listened and looked for solutions to make an integration work for our customers to use both our software and their current solution!

With many of our customers handling new construction and equipment installation, along with their inspections business, it was very exciting to let them know we have begun integrating with Service Trade! This integration was one that started a partnership between our two companies – a relationship that is built on a shared mission of providing the best experience to our users.

These are just a few of the many integrations we have worked on. Letting all current and future customers know, that Inspect Point aim’s to make their job easier not harder. More efficient, not more tedious. And being able to provide an integration to a system your company is already familiar with is a big step in the direction we aim to go, in helping your fire protection business grow.

To inquire on if we are Integrated with a software, please reach out to And to get a better look at the Inspect Point product, sign up for our live demo!